Church Window Protection

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Tampa, FL

Custom Engineered and Designed Aluminum Extrusion Frames and Protective Covering for Stained Glass Windows to Meet Local Hurricane Code.

Bovard Studio designed, fabricated and installed 109 custom designed and extruded window frames for stained glass windows, and protective covering, to be set inside of Sacred Heart Catholic Church's existing cast stone window frames. The new frames are designed to local hurricane code to hold the Church's stained glass heritage (restored by Bovard Studio), new traditional style full figure clerestory and transept stained glass windows matching the style of their century-old German nave stained glass windows, and their recreated rose stained glass windows, all by Bovard Studio.

Bovard Studio can design, fabricate and install new custom extrusions for your window frames to meet local codes and your project's special challenges.

Hurricane Code Glazing for Stained Glass Windows

Ron Bovard of Bovard Studio Inc. Stained Glass announced that Bovard Studio Stained Glass Company has developed exterior protective glazing systems designed for the preservation of stained glass windows, which have passed hurricane code tests designed to withstand 150 mph wind loads and large missile impact. Our testing was completed by the National Certified Testing Laboratories in accordance with ASTM E1996-02/06 and ASTM E1886-02/05 Test Methods, with 3/8″ Lexan XL-10 or with 7/16″ heat strengthened laminated glass consisting of two layers of 3/16″ heat strengthened glass laminated with .090 DuPont Sentry Glass Plus glazed in our hurricane code tested frames.

These protective glazing systems incorporate Bovard Studio Stained Glass Patented Precision Flow(R) In Frame Venting System complying with the National Preservation Center's 1996 "Protective Glazing Study" (web link: as required for the preservation of stained glass windows with exterior glazing. Bovard Studio's hurricane frame glazed with 3/8″ Lexan XL-10 or with 3/8″ heat strengthened laminated glass have been approved by the State of Florida Building Commission with the USA's strictest hurricane codes.

Protective Glazing for Hurricane CodesProtective Glazing for Hurricane Codes

Lexan 1850

Lexan 1850